What's In The Game

Yehua (noun-Wildflower; “ye-wha”)

•  A stacking balance game for 2 to 6 players ages 6 and up

•  A mindful and meditative activity for individuals

•  Absolute bliss for those who like to fidget

•  Coffee table conversation starter

• A fun game night challenge

•  A game for the ages

Players take turns rolling dice and stacking flowers on the balancing board and/or connecting flowers to the side vines without either knocking off any flowers from the stacks OR causing any vine or an end of the board to touch down on the playing surface.

Easy to set up and play, Yehua is a challenging game of skill and strategy with developmental benefits including fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, analytical/spatial reasoning, interpersonal skills, sportsmanship, and emotional intelligence.

Brown side stems are affixed to the board so vines can grow up, away, and in any direction!

Beginner, intermediate, advanced, and extreme gameplay for 2 to 6 players ages 6 and up.

Playtime: 10 to 20 minutes

Additional flowers available for replacement or for extreme level play.

Getting Started


1 Yehua rocker board
2 dice
96 wildflowers


Stack flowers on top of the rocker board and build flower vines without knocking any wildflowers off the board OR causing a vine or rocker board end to touch down on the playing surface.


Place the rocker board in the center of a level playing surface and connect one flower to each of the six brown, side stems.

Use one of each of the six colors. Players take turns randomly placing these six starter flowers.

The remaining flowers are distributed to each player according to the number of players as follows:

6 players: 12 flowers each – 2 per color
5 players: 15 flowers each – 2 per color plus 3 random & different colors
4 players: 18 flowers each – 3 per color
3 players: 24 flowers each – 4 per color
2 players: 36 flowers each – 6 per color

*Extra flowers may also be distributed equally for more challenging gameplay

How To Play

The Rules

•  No matter the level of play, the first six flowers placed on the rocker board should closely align with the printed flowers on top of the board.

•  No matter the level of play, flowers must ONLY be connected to a horizontal or upward facing slot and ONLY on the vine’s END flower.

•  When connecting flowers, a full connection must be made. A “click” can be heard when this is accomplished.

•  During a player’s turn, player may rotate Yehua in order to access the vines on the other side of the board. When doing so, player can use only fingers on an end corner of the rocker board to carefully swivel Yehua up to 360 degrees.

•  Flowers on top of the Yehua rocker board may never be touched or straightened during play. When gently placing flowers on top of the rocker board, release the flower before your hand touches other stacked flowers. Your flower and others might slightly move or slide, but you are not allowed to straighten them.

•  If a player’s hand touches any flowers on the top of the board during their turn, the turn immediately ends and player is skipped on their next turn. *Waive this rule when playing with children younger than 8-years-old by allowing them to touch and straighten flowers during their turn.

About Open Spaces, LLC

Who We Are


Open Spaces, LLC is a family-friend owned and operated game design company located in Salida, Colorado USA.

Over the last two decades, we’ve designed and distributed dozens of games that are very popular with counselors, teachers, medical providers, children, parents, counselors, and other child development professionals around the world!

Our History


Our company was founded on the belief that the most effective social-emotional-communication games combine fun challenges of skill with open-ended questions that provide opportunities for preferred life narratives to take root.

During the development of Yehua, our family and friends played it many different ways and with many different rules. We had so much fun, we realized the game didn’t need counseling questions cards. The suspense of the gameplay consumes all the attention of the players, making questions an unnecessary distraction. We hope you all agree!

Our Mission

Since 2003

Our mission since 2003 has been to create fun balancing games that promote healing and wellness. We think during these challenging times, as families spend more time together at home, the Yehua Balancing Game will promote wellness through simple fun play with plenty of healing laughter.

Like you, we thrive on creativity! Don’t be limited by the Yehua game instructions, but instead create your own rules. Please kindly send us your feedback and ideas.

Contact Us

If you need more information or would like to offer a suggestion, contact us via email or by filling out the contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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